The Great St Patrick's Day Feast

The Great St Patrick's Day Feasting Cut

The right cut makes all the difference but then so too does the right butchery skills. So, it’s always good to chat to the butcher at your local meat counter. In the meantime, here is one of our favourite cuts to cook this St Patrick’s Day…


Tender and juicy, the rib-eye is prized for its rich flavour thanks to the marbling of fat. Look out for good quality marbling when shopping to guarantee more intense flavour.

Adam Bennett's Charcoal Grilled Grass-Fed Irish Rib-Eye With A Stout And Pickled Walnut Bordelaise Sauce

Adam showcases his impeccable attention to detail and outstanding culinary skills to elevate every ingredient for his showstopper St Patrick’s Day: charcoal grilled grass-fed Irish rib-eye paired with Pommes Anna chips and a stout and pickled walnut Bordelaise sauce.

Tom Cenci's Slow Cooked Grass-Fed Irish Rib-Eye

Inspired by his love for seasonal British produce and Irish cuisine, Tom puts a spin on the traditional ‘Irish Boiled Dinner’ this St Patrick’s Day and cooks up a slow cooked grass-fed Irish rib-eye with seasonal root vegetables and boxty pancakes with Irish rainbow trout caviar, for a truly unforgettable meal.

Anna Haugh's Marinated Grass-Fed Rib-Eye With Kale Pesto

No stranger to sustainably produced grass-fed beef, Dublin-born chef Anna brings this dish home and cooks up this mouth-watering feast: marinated rib-eye with kale pesto, colcannon and roasted vegetables​. Treat yourself and try Anna’s recipe for the ultimate indulgence this St Patrick’s Day.

Richard Sharples' Barbecued Boston Chop In Black Garlic And Treacle Marinade

Executive Chef at one of the UK’s top restaurant groups Elite Bistros, Richard gives his grass-fed bone-in rib-eye a little extra oomph by reverse searing his grass-fed Irish rib eye on the BBQ with black garlic and treacle, served with white cabbage, a sweet mustard and parsley dressing, boiled potatoes with watercress and salted lemon butter,  for the ultimate indulgence this St Patrick’s Day.


Paul Welburn's Irish Grass Fed Glazed Ribeye

With years of Michelin-star cooking experience behind him, Paul’s indulgent feasting menu champions his glazed grass-fed Irish rib-eye with smoked cabbage, blue crozier, beer pickled onions and a Guinness and bacon sauce. Accompanied with Drumshanbo Gunpowder gin-cured Irish trout and a chilled apple and blackberry crumble to finish – this is a feast you won’t forget.